• Demco

    Contract # AEPA 022-A
    Demco specializes in designing and furnishing library and school interiors.

    Kenosha Public Library Kids Entry - WI

    Kenosha Public Library Kids Entry - WI

    Member Benefits

    • Discounts vary by manufacturer: 8-35% off list
    • Demco line: 52% off list price

    Account Team Contacts

    • Contract Administrator
      Kristopher L Snow | Phone: 866-558-9068 | Fax: 888-320-0288 | contracts@demco.com
    • ND Primary Sales
      Inside Sales Specialist: Kim Satterlee | Phone: 800-462-8709 x7407 | Fax: 888-329-4728 | quote@demco.com
    • Business Development Representative
      Angie Zilm | Phone: 507-308-0972 | angiez@demco.com


    How to Order
    Please reference Code # C10903 for any ordering channel

    1. Everyday order small orders can be sent to our order entry department or by placing the order on demco.com
      Demco, Inc

      PO BOX 7488
      Madison WI 53707
      Email: Order@demco.com
      Phone: 800.356.1200

      Fax: 800.245.1329
    2. Everyday Large (non-project orders) should go through our Insides sales department
      Email: quote@demco.com
      Phone: 800.462.8709

      Fax: 888.329.4728
    3. Orders for large projects with design and installation services should go through our Business Development reps
      Angie Zilm

      Phone: 507-308-0972 
      Email: angiez@demco.com

    Please reference Code # C10903 for any ordering channel

    Company Profile
    Like you, Demco believes children everywhere should have access to an education that prepares them for a lifetime of curiosity and growth. That’s why Demco’s mission is to help educators and librarians engage and empower the families they serve.

    For nearly 120 years, Demco has anticipated students’ changing needs and helped educators and librarians meet them by creating and supplying innovative products and services. Along with essential supplies, critical equipment, and engaging learning materials, Demco offers an extensive collection of 21st century furniture to help you create inspiring and inclusive learning spaces and experiences for your students.

    Sioux Center Middle and High School

    Sioux Center Middle and High School - IA