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    Webber Recreational Design offers: Playgrounds, Safety Surfacing, Waterslides, Water Play Events, Pool slides, Outdoor Sports Equipment, Tables, Benches, Site Amenities. 

    Services include design, technical documents and renderings, installation, and integrated project management by Certified Playground Safety Inspection certified team members.

    Member Benefits

    • 5 to 23% off List Price
    • Free Design Services

     City of Winona Park

    City of Winona Playground

    How to Order
    Contact Jay Webber ( jwebber@webberrec.com ) or Nick Herman ( nherman@webberrec.com ). 
    Remember to say you are a CPC Member.
    The sales rep will ask for details about your project, including location and size of area, age of children, surfacing needs, budget, etc.  When all pricing information has been gathered a detailed drawing and quote will be presented to the member.

    Account Team Contact Information
    Our website www.webberrec.com provides an easy to use customer submittal form.
    Or feel free to call one of our sales team members:

    • Jay Webber | jwebber@webberrec.com | 612-581-4704
    • Nick Herman | nherman@webberrec.com | 612-581-4754 

    Company Profile
    Webber Recreational Design is your one-stop shop for your outdoor park and playground needs. We offer a wide range of services including designing, overseeing installations, play systems, shelters, water features, and site furnishings to bring your dream to reality. Webber Recreational Design represents some of the highest quality park and playground equipment in the industry. Our team has over 35 years of experience in the playground industry.

    Contract Offerings
    Playground Equipment, Surfacing, Shades, Shelters, Site Amenities of Recreational Play Equipment, and Waterpark Features, and Splash Pads.