• NDESC has many vendors available for Athletics.
    For more information about these vendors,
    select a vendor below by clicking on their logo. 
    Synthetic turf
    Electronic scoreboards and signage
    and indoor/outdoor sound systems
    Synthetic turf surfaces
    Fisher Tracks
    Track surfacing
    FLR Logo   Hardwood and synthetic flooring
     H & B Specialized Products   Athletic equipment, wall mats and lockers
     Hellas Construction, Inc.
    Construction, installation, and maintenance of track and court surfaces
    Hellas Sports Lighting   Lighting systems
    Olympus Lockers & Storage Products, Inc   Metal corridor, athletic and custom lockers
    Beam Clay logo
     Express Partac Peat offers BEAM CLAY surface materials and assorted field products; and helmets, facemasks, shoulder pads, mouth guards, bases, team training aids and reconditioning
      Telescopic seating, indoor bleacher equipment, I-Beam grandstands, and press boxes
    Shaw Sports Turf   Synthetic turf, consultation, design, installation and engineering services as well as field markings and accessories.
    Sprinturf   Synthetic sport and landscape turf, track equipment, and supplies