• Vanco

    Contract # R10-1107C
    Vanco Education offers online payment solutions.

    Member Benefits

    • A one-stop-shop to help you become a cashless campus, including tools to support online payments, food service, event ticketing, before & after care, registrations, and more.
    • Immediate access to competitively negotiated pricing, with further savings available when bundling two or more Vanco Education solutions.
    • Hassle-free support and a team to build your Web Store.
    • Vanco Education solutions and services are available to all Equalis Group public sector and non-profit members nationwide.

    Company Profile
    Vanco Education is a trusted partner to bring online payments to districts. For more than 20 years, Vanco Education has helped districts by simplifying work and providing tools that help parents. 

    • Thousands of districts, large and small, trust Vanco Education.
    • We've worked with educators for 20-plus years.
    • Vanco Education has specialized integrations with the most popular Student Information Systems (SISs).

    Contract Info
    Cooperative Name: Equalis Group
    Cooperative Contract Number: R10-1107C
    Lead Agency: Region 10 ESC
    Website URL: https://equalisgroup.org/2020/12/21/vanco-r10-1107c/