• Autoclear

    Contract #23.3 – CLR
    Autoclear specializes in the design, manufacture, and support of high-quality security systems through X-ray scanners, metal detection, and the advanced trace detection of narcotic materials (including fentanyl cut into other street drugs) and explosive materials.

    Member Benefits
    • Manufactured in the United States
    • Service by Autoclear employees, not a dealer or contractor (in most cases)
    • All Advanced features at No Charge for members
    • Machines are the base for optional Artificial Intelligence shape recognition
    • AI Threat Assist can be installed at a later date
    • Members receive AI upgrades for the life of the machine
    • Operational Control Panel uses gestures for ease of operation
    • Members receive on site advanced training at no charge
    • Multiple unit discount starts at five units

    Account Team Contact
    Gregory Schaefer | 847-540-7266 | gregs@autoclear.com

    How to Order
    Contact Gregory Schaefer, Midwest Regional Manager, to determine what equipment is suitable, including site survey if necessary.
    18 Carlisle Road, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois 60047
    847-540-7266 gregs@autoclear.com

    Company Profile
    Autoclear’s roots trace back to 1938 as part of Philips Electronics. In 1988, they became a privately-owned New Jersey-based company known as Control Screening. They evolved through acquisition. In addition to the Philips Scan-tech line, they acquired the Federal Laboratories Checkgate Division and Canadian based Scintrex Limited, which added Metal Detection Equipment and state of the art trace detection for narcotics and explosives. The innovative Cross-Enhanced Backscatter systems were developed internally by the Autoclear development team.

    Autoclear X-ray Scanners are not only used in major school systems throughout the United States, but two of the three largest theme parks in the United States now use Autoclear threat detection equipment to help assure the safety of their guests. Autoclear’s easy to operate design makes it possible for those parks to screen thousands of guests every day.