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    Edmentum provides research-based curriculum, interim assessments and practice items aligned to state standards!

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    Discounts start at 5% and increase based on district need

    How to Order
    Contact your sales representative: Tina Robertson, Partnership Manager | 612-802-7959 | tina.robertson@edmentum.com

    Company Profile
    Edmentum's powerful learning solutions blend technology with individual teaching approaches designed to engage students, meet them where they are and help guide them to reach their full potential. 

     Study Island

    Study Island is practice Minnesota students and educators love. It provides: Minnesota assessment preparation, customizable classroom assessments and flexible practice and real-time monitoring to track student outcomes.
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     Reading Eggs

    Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress are designed to build and reinforce foundational skills in a rich, interactive, online world that inspires learning for pre-K through 6th grade students.
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    Courseware is a standards-based digital curriculum to power graduation success. It is customizable and easy to use. 
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    EdOptions Academy is a fully-accredited virtual school program featuring state-certified teachers trained in online instruction, research-based instructional design content and alignment to state and national standards.
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     Exact Path

    Exact Path makes learning personal by offering adaptive assessments and individualized instruction for all of your students or targeted intervention for those in need to promote academic growth and save you time, so you can meet the disparate needs of your K-12 students every single day.

      • Diagnose learning needs with our valid adaptive assessment, or leverage scores from our partners, NWEA or Renaissance
      • Instruct K-12 students with competency-based curriculum and automatic remediation at the discrete skill level
      • Target unique learner needs and plan your next move with teacher notifications and digital assignments
      • Analyze growth, progress, and usage via aggregated data visualizations down to specific student reports

    Bid Documents
    This contract is a Preferred Vendor Agreement. Therefore there are no bid documents available. Contact us if you would like to see a copy of the contract, or for more information about the agreement.