• McKesson

    Contract # COG-2107A
    McKesson offers medical-surgical supplies and equipment.

    Member Benefits

    • Access to medical supply distribution services tailored for your care setting.
    • A single source for medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, laboratory, and equipment.
    • Resources that can help you provide better care.
    • Analytics to help improve operational performance and reduce costs.
    • People dedicated to helping you get it done!


    Company Profile
    As a leading national distributor of medical-surgical supplies and equipment for government professionals from state agencies to local EMS and schools, our product catalog includes everything you need, from vaccines, pharmaceuticals, wound care supplies and patient transport equipment, to exam gloves, point-of-care testing, AEDs and more. Our experienced and dedicated sales professionals can help provide the products and solutions you need when you need them so you can focus on what matters most — those you serve.

    Contract Info
    Cooperative Name: Equalis Group
    Cooperative Contract Number: COG-2107A
    Lead Agency: CCOG
    Website URL: https://equalisgroup.org/2020/12/18/mckesson-cog-2107a/