Innovative Office Solutions offers office, school, cafeteria and breakroom furniture.
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    Innovative Office Solutions is an independent and women-owned provider of office productivity solutions. Through a full portfolio including office products, furniture & design, facility & breakroom supplies, print & graphic design, promotional products and technology solutions. Innovative is more than just a name … it’s the culture. The entire staff is continually looking for new ways to make your school and workplace more productive while providing a fantastic customer experience.
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    Tel: 952-808-9900     Toll-Free:  866-574-5389     Fax: 952-894-7153

    Email: [email protected]m

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    Todd Graf | 701-793-9032 |[email protected] 
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    • Dedicated customer service team
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    Interiors by Innovative pairs informed design expertise with the latest trends in furniture to customize a solution that meets the needs of schools, governmental agencies and nonprofits.
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