• CPC Paper

    CPC’s 2023 Paper Program is now live! This year we’re offering Boise X-9 and Xerographic brands for white copy paper! There are two ways to order:

    • Order online through Express -- click "Express Signin" in the top menubar.
    • Download, complete, and email back a 2023 Cut Paper Order Form.

    Contract # 23.6-SPP
    NDESC and Cooperative Purchasing Connection offers cut paper through our summer paper program. We offer white copy paper through the CPC Paper Catalog and colored paper through our office (Innovative Office Solutions) and classroom (School Specialty) vendors.

    Member Benefits
    CPC conducted the Request for Quote for you to achieve the best pricing available.

    Account Team Contact
    For questions, contact the CPC Team at 888-739-3289 or email info@purchasingconnection.org

    How to Order
    Two order options – Online in Express or via email to info@purchasingconnection.org

    On Express

    • If you’re on www.ndesc.org – log in or register for the Express online marketplace by clicking "Express Signin" in the top menubar.


    • Send your order to info@purchasingconnection.org
    • Click here to view the 2023 Paper Catalog

    Deadline - June 1 or July 14

    Paper Program 

    NDESC can help you meet your cut paper needs with a convenient paper program available throughout the year.

    Each spring we conduct a bid for white and colored copy paper and distribute a paper catalog for large and small quantity orders. You place your order with NDESC and delivery takes place during the summer months.
    To receive a quote on white or colored copy paper throughout the year, please contact info@purchasingconnection.org or call
     866.337.2005 for pricing and delivery options.