• Marco

    Contract #21.1-MCO
    Under this contract, Marco offers sound amplification, bell/intercom/paging, and portable sound solutions or audio enhancement products.


    Member Benefits

    • Discounts on products and services, ranging from 2-50% off Education list price
    • Free planning, design, and recommendation services
    • Full-time dispatchers and support desk representatives

    Account Team Contact             
         Brenda Wall | 800-847-3098 x7166 | brenda.wall@marconet.com              

    How to Order
    Contact your local representative. Orders must be placed with them to receive appropriate discounts.
         Brenda Wall | 800-847-3098 x7166 | brenda.wall@marconet.com              

    Company Profile
    Marco is one of the largest technology providers in the country with over 27,000 clients nationwide. We specialize in business IT services, copier/printer solutions, audio/visual solutions and managed and cloud services. Our technology experts break down complex solutions into simple terms to position your business for success.