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    Contract F-19-SMS

    Gaggle will provide NDESC members with consortium level pricing on its safety management products, including SpeakUp.

    Member Benefits

    Gaggle products provide live monitoring of student communication on school-issued devices and platforms including: e-mail, Googe Hangouts and One-Drive. Gaggle also offers SpeakUp, an email address and phone number for students to report bullying, planned fights, threats of violence and weapons brought to school. 

    Consortium Pricing by type of account, per user cost:

    • Gaggle Safety Management Student Combo Accounts - $5.00
    • Gaggle Safety Management for Email only - $2.50
    • Gaggle Safety Management for Drive only -  $2.50
    • Gaggle Safety Management for Google Hangouts - $2.50
    • SpeakUp - $2.00 
    • Additional products and services available by contacting your sales representative

    How to Order

    Jeremy Robertson | 800-288-7750



    Learn more by watching this informative video