• NDESC has many vendors available for Athletics.
    For more information about these vendors,
    select a vendor below by clicking on their logo. 
    Electronic scoreboards and signage
    and indoor/outdoor sound systems
    Synthetic turf surfaces
    Fisher Tracks
    Track surfacing
    FLR Logo   Hardwood and synthetic flooring
     H & B Specialized Products   Athletic equipment, wall mats and lockers
     Hellas Construction, Inc.
    Construction, installation, and maintenance of track and court surfaces
    Hellas Sports Lighting   Lighting systems
    Olympus Lockers & Storage Products, Inc   Metal corridor, athletic and custom lockers
    Beam Clay logo
     Express Partac Peat offers BEAM CLAY surface materials and assorted field products; and helmets, facemasks, shoulder pads, mouth guards, bases, team training aids and reconditioning
     saafe LOGO
    Seating And Athletic Facility Enterprises "Stadium Steve" 
      Telescopic seating, indoor bleacher equipment, I-Beam grandstands, and press boxes
    Sprinturf   Synthetic sport and landscape turf, track equipment, and supplies