• Membership
    Thank you for your interest in the North Dakota Educators Service Cooperative. NDESC was established to provide services to all political subdivisions in North Dakota, including counties, cities and other governmental organizations. Nonprofit organizations may join as associate members.

    There is a fee to join NDESC. Most members realize a quick return of the membership fee from the savings generated by the cooperative purchasing contracts. All of our purchasing contracts have been completed under the North Dakota statutes.

    NDESC is organized under Chapter 54-40.3 of the North Dakota Century Code which states:


    54-40.3-01. Joint powers agreements - General authority.

    1. Any county, city, township, city park district, school district, or other political subdivision

    of this state, upon approval of its respective governing body, may enter into an

    agreement with any other political subdivision of this state for the cooperative or joint

    administration of any power or function that is authorized by law or assigned to one or more of them.


    To join NDESC, please contact Rosemary Dahl, NDESC Program Representative, at dahlrosemary@gmail.com or Jane Eastes, Operations Director, at 866.337.2005.