NDESC has multiple vendors for Instructional Resources.  For more information about each vendor, select the vendor logo below.  

    Suppliers with the shopping cart logo Express  are available in Express
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    Barnes & Noble   Trade books, mass market paperbacks, children’s books, eBooks and other digital content, and more
      Digital portfolio solution for students and teachers
    Complete Book and Media Supply, LLC  Express Books, eBooks, journals, databases and publications in all formats 


    Express Furniture, technology, professional development and educational materials.


    Express Early childhood and elementary instructional materials, supplies, equipment, and furniture


    Express Books and ebooks

    Books and media materials for schools and libraries

    Pitsco Education

    Individual, classroom, and district level programs relating to robotics, coding, dragsters, drafting supplies, STEM, STEAM, or online testing

    Really Good Stuff
    Supplemental curriculum materials and classroom supplies